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Green and purple studded nails

25 Jan

Green and purple studded nailsThis manicure is green and purple studded. I used green and purple shiny polishes on alternative nails and placed pink, green and silver colored studs randomly. It turned out to be bit childish, but I didn’t have time to create another design. If you can place the studs in a line or half moon shape, I am sure it will turn out pretty.

Red sandals

22 Jan

Red Sandals These are my brand new red leather sandals. My brother in law gifted me when we met last year for vacation. These are from Thailand so am not sure which brand they are from. He sent me a picture before he bought this so I had the chance to choose from Black, brown,cream and red. As I had all other colors I chose this red ones.

Red sandalsI never wore it till now so they look brand new ūüôā

Canvas Shoe Nails

17 Jan

Canvas Shoe NailsThese are Canvas Shoe nails. I have seen a lot of people posting about this manicure before so though of creating it. First apply white polish and with the help of ¬†tape paint 3/4th of nails ¬†orange, lavender, pink, green and white ( or any color of your choice example: red, blue and yellow etc) and let it dry. Then with the aid of toothpick create some parallel black dots on this colors and make a U shape at the tip as showed in the picture. Now take white polish in toothpick and draw shoe laces coming from parallel black dots. Now seal your design with top coat. Your Canvas shoe manicure is ready. You can also use a thin striper instead of toothpick for best results ( I used toothpick because I don’t have thin nail art brush or striper)

Snow white beauty

16 Jan

White sandalsThese snow white sandals are from ZARA. Even though I am bad at maintaining  white color dresses and sandals I wanted to buy this one. Never got the chance to wear it so far, as always I go for my comfortable black sandals. I am sure this  will go well with jeans and light or black tops.

White sandals

Rose Garden Nails

11 Jan

Rose Garden NailsThese are Rose Garden Nails, pretty and creative. First paint your nails with yellow polish then apply black polish to the half of your nails and let it dry. With the help of sponge apply minty green polish like showed in the picture and add big pink dots and draw c shapes on the  pink dots by using white polish. Seal off the design with top coat. You can use any other green if you want instead of minty green.


Multi Colored

7 Jan

Multi colored sandalsThese are multi colored sandals,my another gift for New Year. I really liked these cute and lovely sandals. It goes well with blue/ black jeans. Original price for this was somewhere around 99 AED and I bought it for 69 AED in ”Shoe Mart” new year sale.

Multi colored sandals


Nebula nails

5 Jan

Nebula nails

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases.  When I thought of galaxy nails, idea of nebula nails seemed different and creative. First I polished my nails with black nail polish and with the help of make up sponge applied Dark blue, light blue and pinkish purple shade polish to give the cloudy effect. Finally a silver glitter polish is applied and the design is sealed with top coat. It is pretty and simple goes with Blue, black and any other dark color out fits.


                                                                                                Image of Nebula taken from Google 

Brown beauty

2 Jan

IMG-20140101-WA0010Last day of 2013 I bumped into shoe sale in”Shoe Mart” and found this simple brown beauty. I always wanted something simple and comfortable to wear with black jeans. I am into closed sandals, when I am not in a mood for pedicure and toe nails are not painted its easy way to hide it ūüôā I wanted this right away and my husband bought these for me. Original price is ¬†somewhere around 89 AED and I got it for 49 AED.

IMG_3051I just love those big buttons on it. I bought another sandal about which I will be posting soon.