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Cherry nails..

29 Feb

This cherry nails are a month old manicure too just like my Green dice nails. I want to share all my old manicure photos with you all. Thats  the reason I am digging out all old photos to find my nail arts. Here for this manicure I used 3 colors. White, red and green from “Enchant”. Used normal paint brush to draw these cherries and leaves. It looks simple and cute on short nails.

Green Dice nails..

28 Feb

This is old manicure done when my nails were short. This dice design goes well with short nails than long ones. I used green  and white from “Enchant”.  Used dotting tool to draw those dots.

Different colors can be used for the same design. Very simple and quick manicure.

White dotted nails..

26 Feb

Here is my white dotted manicure. I have used here three colors. Maroon  and white colors from “Enchant”, yellow from “Essence color and go” .

My nails are always unequal because I keep cutting them while chopping vegetables. So I don’t bother about uniformity  in their size. Hope you liked it 🙂

X mas tree nails!

24 Feb

I know its odd to do a Christmas nail art now! Its an old photo I got it from my nail collections and this is what I wore on Christmas day eve last year 🙂

This is not fancy, or heavy designed but simple. I used red, white nail polish from “Enchant” as base color and used green color to draw tree from same polish brand. Used golden and maroon colors to draw lighting and a star nail sticker on the top of the tree.

x mas tree nails

Brown nails..

22 Feb

Here is very simple manicure where I used only a brown color polish and some nail stickers.

Its glossy, not plain so it gives rich look. And I used flowery nail stickers.

This teddy is one of my birthday gifts from mom 🙂 Its my favorite. Hope you liked my manicure..

Black and White shattered nails..

20 Feb

This is similar to crackle nails, but by using normal nail polishes. First I applied 2 coats of  black color polish from “Enchant” and let it dry. Later applied white color from the same brand. Before it dried I took a cotton earbud and made the design.

This is how it looks from close. This manicure will go well with white or black dress. Some what messed up and dont care kinda look. Hope you liked it 🙂

Smiley nails..

18 Feb

Here are my smiley nails, with different expressions. This is  photo is of 2  months old manicure. Yellow smiley balls are inspiration behind these nails.

I used yellow color polish from “Essence color & go” 2 coats then a black polish to paint smiley faces. Its absolutely looks cute 🙂

Valentine’s day Challenge Day 5 # Love nails…

14 Feb

Love nails

Happy Valentine’s day to all. Its finally day 5 and here is my nail art challenge for valentine’s day ends. Successfully completed the first nail art challenge. My manicure for the day is Love nails.

Love nails

Here i used two different colors, both light colors. Pink and light lavender color. And used black to write letters on that. Pink: VOV nail polish and Lavender : Natty nail enamel, each 2 coats, few red colored heart shaped 3D stickers and my Love nails are ready. My husband liked it very much:):):) I just love the way it looks. I kept staring at my nails as usual:)
Hope you like it and will try it. Again Happy Valentine’s day 🙂

Valentine’s day Challenge Day 4 # Valentine’s Day Nails

13 Feb

Valentine's Day Nails

Here is my Valentines day nails for the day 4 of Valentines day nail art challenge.  I know its bit late but my internet was giving little trouble I couldn’t upload the photo. I used cream color nail polish from “Paris collection”and red color  from Enchant” is used to draw heart.

Valentine's Day Nails

I used  red Rhinestones to give some extra effect. Hope you liked this manicure 🙂

Valentine’s day Challenge Day 3 # Sponge Heart Nails..

12 Feb

Sponge Heart Nails

Today is day 3 and I have sponge heart nails for today’s challenge. The red color in background is done using sponge. I have used a white color polish from ‘Enchant’ and let it dry. On that I spread the red color polish from the same brand using a sponge. It gives messy look to the nails. Then used a black polish to draw hearts and applied top coat. This is perfect for the valentine’s day 🙂 Sponge Heart Nails