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Canvas Shoe Nails

17 Jan

Canvas Shoe NailsThese are Canvas Shoe nails. I have seen a lot of people posting about this manicure before so though of creating it. First apply white polish and with the help of ¬†tape paint 3/4th of nails ¬†orange, lavender, pink, green and white ( or any color of your choice example: red, blue and yellow etc) and let it dry. Then with the aid of toothpick create some parallel black dots on this colors and make a U shape at the tip as showed in the picture. Now take white polish in toothpick and draw shoe laces coming from parallel black dots. Now seal your design with top coat. Your Canvas shoe manicure is ready. You can also use a thin striper instead of toothpick for best results ( I used toothpick because I don’t have thin nail art brush or striper)