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Spring flower nails

19 Apr

Spring flower nails

This nail design is for spring lovers, suitable for green and flowery season. Very easy and creative design. First paint your nails with base polish or clear polish then take a nail brush dipped in grass green polish and tap it nicely on nail tips to create a green tip. Then stick flower stickers and butterfly stickers (I used fimo cane butter fly design here) to give a nice garden look. You can use colorful flowers to give a better look or use polish and draw colorful flowers. Seal your design with top coat and your spring design is ready.

Teddy and heart nails..

15 Feb

Teddy and heart nails I wore this design for valentines day, teddy and heart nails. First I painted my nails with shiny pink polish and let it dry. Using dark pink polish I created small hearts on every nails and for more valentines day look used 3 fimo cane teddy bear design. If you don’t have that you can just draw  teddy’s face  by using dark brown, white and black polish with the help of dotting tool.

Green and purple studded nails

25 Jan

Green and purple studded nailsThis manicure is green and purple studded. I used green and purple shiny polishes on alternative nails and placed pink, green and silver colored studs randomly. It turned out to be bit childish, but I didn’t have time to create another design. If you can place the studs in a line or half moon shape, I am sure it will turn out pretty.

Christmas Tree Nails

22 Dec

Christmas tree nails Holiday season is already started and everyone is busy with their family, shopping for gifts and planning for something to do together. For this Christmas I came up with this Christmas tee nails. I am sure everyone wants to do something or the other to show their holiday spirit. For those who are looking for something different on their nails, this is suitable. First I painted my nails with cream color polish, then drew a triangle on the  middle finger with Green polish to make it look like a Christmas tree. Then I added little silver glitters and red dots on the triangle and  pasted a star on triangle.  For other nails I used green glittery transparent polish.  It is up to you, if you want to paint all your nails with tree you can also do that.

Butterfly nails..

23 Sep

Butterfly nailsThese are butterfly nails, sweet and adorable. I have used new blue  polish  from Paris Collection called- Midnight Waves, and fimo canes butterflies. Those are ready cut and available butterfly designs I just attached them on the nails with the help of sticky gum and a top coat.  If you are good at designs you can just draw butterflies with the aid of thin brushes. This red and blue combination is my favorite.

Butterfly nailsLet me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Mustard flower nails..

9 Jun

Mustard flower nails

Thursday was my birthday 🙂 Yuppie I got a lot of gifts this time! For birthday dinner I wore mustard flower color dress and thought of doing this manicure to go with that dress.

I used nail stickers which was lying around from a long time unused. These stickers are very easy to remove but delicate to apply on nails. I had to take a lot of care to put these on nails.

Mustard flower nails

It was very shiny in night lights. Let me know what you think about this manicure.

Blackberry Ice cream nails..

3 Jun

Blackberry Ice cream nails

I was so into ice creams and cold coffee this week so thought of doing something yummy on my nails. I don’t know how much it looks like ice cream but I wanted to name this blackberry ice cream manicure!

I used Black polish from ”Enchant”, light violet from ”Essence color & Go” and Dark violet shiny, rod shaped sprinkle nail polish from ”Enchant”.

Blackberry Ice cream nails

This is how it looks in day light, but I liked it more when it was shining in day lights.

Blackberry Ice cream nails

Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Maroon Studded nails..

1 Jun

Maroon studded nails

These are Maroon studded nails. Rhinestones in shiny maroon background. I used Maroon from ”Enchant” and white rhinestones. I always find difficulty  to use this rhinestones, they are so delicate to handle.

Maroon studded nails

This maroon is my favorite because its shiny and glossy. Let me know what you think about this manicure.

Icy Blue nails..

22 May

Recently I bought sky blue shiny sparkle polish from ”Enchant”. As this shade is very light,it can be only used on other polishes. These are Icy blue manicure by using sky blue sparkles.

Icy blue nails

It has snowy look, I used white polish as base color then applied blue sparkle nail polish by using sponge, so that it will spread evenly. For decoration I used a sky blue star sticker on one finger.

Icy blue nails

Let me know your opinion about my Icy blue nails 🙂

Black shiny star nails..

15 May

Black shiny star nails

This manicure is easy and simple. I used Black nail polish and star shaped nail stickers. It goes well with the black background and looks like shining star in black sky.

Black shiny star nails

This is how it looks under morning sun light. Its not that shiny under sun light, but its suitable for night. Let me know what is your opinion.