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Pink love nails..

24 Mar

Pink love nail manicure is cute with red heart deigns and dots.

First I used pink shiny shade as base color and then used red polish to draw dots. Red heart stickers are used here.

 This is how it looks 🙂 Let me know your opinion.

Giraffe nails..

21 Mar

These are Giraffe nails. Simple and easy to paint.

It looks little messy because I didn’t use brush to draw Giraffe prints.  I used 3 different colors. Yellow, dark brown and light brown.

Cheetah nails..

18 Mar

This is cheetah manicure. Very easy and looks pretty too.

First apply white nail polish then apply orange and yellow colors using sponge equally and make sure they look naturally distributed.Black color polish is used to make Cheetah prints.

Its pretty 🙂 Let me know how it is.

Web nails..

14 Mar

Web nails!  Its quite old manicure, suitable for short nails.

Web nails

It doesn’t look like web 🙂 but actually I wanted to draw web here. I used 3 colors different shade of orange as base color, black for drawing web and a green shining polish.

Red and black hear nail..

13 Mar

This is Red and black heart manicure, After I did heart designs for Valentine’s day nail art challenge this is the first time in a month I am doing something with heart design.

I didn’t use fine brush for drawing hearts that’s why the lines and hearts  looks little shaky.  I used 4 nail colors, Red, Shining green to apply on red and Black from ”Enchant” and pale brick red color from ”Camella” Its a Thailand brand ( a gift from my brother in law and everything is written in some other language except  the brand name).

Polka Dotted nails

12 Mar

This is simple polka dotted manicure.  My nails need to be shaped very badly! I keep changing their shape but the problem is with nails getting cut and everything looks so uneven.

I have used 2 colors, black and sky blue from VOV nail polish. I like the color contrast effect.

Lady bug nails..

9 Mar

My lady bug nails. Looks creepy and pretty too 🙂

Lady bug nails

I used red color as base from “Nail Enamel” and black from “Enchant” and white from the same nail polish brand for eyes. Here are lady bugs eating my plant 🙂

Lady bug nails

Golden nails with Multi color dots..

8 Mar

Golden  nails with multi dots

Golden color nail polish from “Nail Enamel” is used as base color and different colors are used for dots. Its better to use dark colors for dotting.

Golden  nails with multi dots

This manicure looks very rich and elegant. Can be worn for parties 🙂

Plain nails..

7 Mar

This is my simple plain manicure of the week.

Plain nails

Flowery nails..

6 Mar

Flowery nails

This is flower stamped “Flowery nails”. Orange color from “bk nail polish” is used as vase color. Black color from “Enchant” is used for stamping. I never did stamping  before, this is first time 🙂

Nail stamp

My new stamping kit 🙂 I am not that good at using it.

Flowery nails

This is how it looks. Hope you liked it, let me know what you think.