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Zebra Crazy Liners Nails..

30 Nov

Zebra crazy liners

These are Zebra Crazy liners nails. I painted my 3 nails with shiny pink polish and thumb and small finger nails with black polish. With the help of toothpick I created black hearts  on pink nails then drew white random lines and curves on black hearts and black nails. I also added little silver shine to hearts for glittering effect and sealed the design with top coat.

Cats in ♥ nails..

24 Nov

Cats in love nailsThese are Cats in Love nails.. ♥ Very easy to create. First paint the tips by using pink nail polish then take a dotting tool to  create cat design by starting with 2 dots and extend the tail and ears accordingly. Draw a black and a white cat in middle finger. And for rest of the fingers you can draw alternative black and white paws. Seal the design with top coat. I found this design few days back while I was browsing through some site, which I don’t remember now. I loved it and thought of recreating it.

Diwali Gift

21 Nov

Diwali GiftNovember fist week is Diwali week, usually we celebrate it for 4 days. Diwali is festival of lights, celebrated in India. Fist day fill water in big copper vessels make design on them and entire night heat the water in those big vessels by using traditional old way of heating things with wood. Next day early morning oil massage and nice hot water bath. Then in the night celebrate Diwali with crackers. Lot of gifts sweets and special lunch and dinner for 4 days. I remember celebrating Diwali in my childhood with cousins for more than a week, until stock of fire crackers was over. But nowadays its hard to celebrate Diwali when you are away from homeland. But still I try to follow the old tradition. This time I got this simple but beautiful gift from my husband. Red basket ( in which I decided to keep my pen drives and memory cards safe! at least now I don’t have to search for these things for hours  ) a cream color full sleeved top with skull and rose prints and 2 set of cute little scented colorful candles ( which I couldn’t use for Diwali because I can’t burn beautiful cute candles 🙂 )

Love plant nails..

17 Nov

Love plant nailsThis week’s nail design is ”Love Plant Nails”. As you can see in the picture, I messed up a bit while drawing hearts. As the red  nail polish was little thick, it got sticky. But it is a cute design for dates and valentine day 🙂 Here I used white as base color and red for hearts, light and dark green for leaves and brown for stem. Everything is drawn by the help of a toothpick. Apart from the sticky hearts its a good design.

Moo Moo Cow nails

10 Nov

 Moo Moo Cow nailsThese are cow nail art design, I simply came up with the name Moo Moo cow nails. It is very simple design where only tooth pick is used for the the design.  First apply white nail polish as base color and for the thumb nail use pinkish range and draw the cow’s jaw area and draw eyes and nostrils with black polish and add few black dots. Then with the help of tooth pick draw irregular shapes of black polish and your nail art is ready. Seal this design with a top coat.

Color tinted glass nails..

8 Nov

Tinted glass color nailsTinted color glass nails are very cute and simple. First I applied white nail polish as base color, then with the help of tooth pick I made irregular square like designs. Once the design is dried I used neon pink,  dark green, neon green and neon orange nail polishes to fill in this blocks randomly. Nail design is ready after applying a top coat after drying.

Dotted gradient nails

7 Nov

Dotted gradient nailsThese are Dotted gradient nails. I used white as base color and  pinkish orange nail polish to create the gradient look. By the help of sponge I applied the second color and made black dots by using black nail polish and dotting tool. It is very simple and easy deign. Different colors can be used instead of pinkish orange.

Dotted gradient nails