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Protect your nails naturally

10 Feb

Nail polish chemicals can cause dullness and breakage of your nails. Its always good to take care of your nails whenever it is possible. Once in a while take off the polish and let your nails breath. There are some easy ways to protect your nails naturally and bring the health back into your nails.

  • Take off the polish with the help of nail polish remover then nicely wash it with running water
  • Use Clean, conditioner and shine nail files to get the clean nails

nail files

  • Take warm water in a bowl and add a pinch of salt and turmeric into it and dip your nails. ( Turmeric and salt has its own benefits in Ayurveda)



  • Don’t paint your nails for a day

Note: Don’t use too much turmeric, it may turn your nails yellow.

* Images are taken from Google


Green and purple studded nails

25 Jan

Green and purple studded nailsThis manicure is green and purple studded. I used green and purple shiny polishes on alternative nails and placed pink, green and silver colored studs randomly. It turned out to be bit childish, but I didn’t have time to create another design. If you can place the studs in a line or half moon shape, I am sure it will turn out pretty.

Pink love nails..

24 Mar

Pink love nail manicure is cute with red heart deigns and dots.

First I used pink shiny shade as base color and then used red polish to draw dots. Red heart stickers are used here.

 This is how it looks 🙂 Let me know your opinion.