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Double shaded nails!!

29 Jan

Double shaded nails!!

This is my double shaded nails. Parrot green and purple are the colors I used. First applied white color  then used sponge to get the effect which you see in picture.

Colors I used are Nivea power gloss shock resistant- 97 Berry Gloss, and parrot green color from a local brand which I forgot and the label is gone due to some accidental rubbing on the bottle!!!!

My nails with glass full of Kiwi & Lemon juice!! One of my favorites:) They look cute but some how chipped off soon with in a day time!!

 Hope you liked this manicure. Keep polishing and please feel free to comment. C ya….

m&m Candy Nails…

27 Jan

This time I thought of something sweet. Here i my sweet m & m candy nails:)

m&m Candy Nails...

I used 5 different colors to make it look like candy. And used white to write m on the circles, this was quite a tough part. But some how I managed to make some sweet candy on my nails.:):)

Lighting nails….

26 Jan

First I applied a light sky blue color from ”Essence color & go”. Then using a brush  I made lines then with the help of dotting tools, bulbs.

Lighting nails....

My nails are small that is why I made only 2-3 bulbs per nail. If you want more bulbs you can draw more.

Hope you liked 🙂 Keep polishing and keep smiling…. 🙂

Red and green nails…

25 Jan

This manicure is very simple. I used 3 colors for this. First applied red color from “Enchant” and green from Natty nail polish alternatively. Then using dotting tools  created flower pattern.

Red and green nails...

This looks very simple and attractive. I liked the color combination of red and green. Red and green nails...

This is how it looked after drying. Hope you liked this manicure. Please feel free to comment. 🙂

Panda nails….

24 Jan

Panda nails

 This is cute panda manicure, 2 months old photo 🙂 Saw this Mani couple of times in other blogs finally decided to  make my own panda nails. Used black and white polishes from Enchant and a top coat to give the finishing smooth look.

Panda nails

Its little difficult to get the round face of panda with out any fine brush. I tried a lot to get circles for pandas face. Dotting tools will be suitable for other features on face. I didn’t have dotting tool that time so used a brush to make dots

Panda nails

Here is my Fighter fish. Which died 2 days after I took this photo:( Its purple mixed grey colored. I feel pity for this fighter  fishes because they have to live alone for life long. They fight till death if they are put in groups. Sad part is even females and males can not be kept together. Only for breeding they can be but they have to be separated soon. I learned a lot about t his kind after getting the first one home.  Now we have another fighter which is bluish green which reminds of peacock 🙂 Lols:):)

Hope you liked my panda Mani. C ya…..

Neon green with flowers and dots!!!

23 Jan

Neon green with flowers and dots

I was thinking of something in neon color. I have pink, green and orange neon colors. I picked green color as its been a long time that I used green color. Colors I used are-  Green color VOV nail polish and red color polish from Enchant. Its simple design includes flowers and dots.

Neon green with flowers and dots

Neon green with flowers and dots

My parrot green color jelly bangle:) I like these bangles a lot. They go well with whatever you wear!!!! I will post about my jelly bangles soon.. Hope you liked it.

Happy polishing and c ya:):)

Water Melon Nails

22 Jan

I got this one when I was searching some old nail snaps. Its 5 months old manicure form last summer. My nails were not properly shaped when I did this nail art. It looks kinda messy.

Watermelon NailsI used red and green color from ‘Enchant’, and used black color to draw seeds and lines . I kept looking my nails and felt like eating watermelon when I had this design on.

Watermelon Nails

Let me know your comments.. keep smiling and keep polishing 🙂

Red Splash Nail

21 Jan

Red Splash Nail

My red splash nails. Looks like blood stains, but I still liked this effect on my nails. Its kinda different. First I used a white polish from ‘Enchant’, then Used red polish from the same brand. Using sponge gave some smeared effect, then using thin brush drew lines. Applied a top coat and my manicure was ready.

Red Splash Nail

I took this photos at night using flash, so the red color is kinda dull due to brightness. Hope you liked this manicure. Let me know 🙂

Naughty Blue Nails….

19 Jan

Naughty Blue Nails....

Here is my another simple manicure. Blue is my favorite color. Wherever I go my eye falls on only pretty blue things!!

Naughty Blue Nails....

Nail polish I used here is Naughty Blue from Paris collection  its a brand of UAE.  Single coat will not be thick so I applied 2 coats.

Naughty Blue Nails....

Closer view of my nails. I didn’t use any top coat, still the nails have gelly  look on them. Hope you liked my post. Please feel free to comment or suggest. C ya…

Silver glitters with red curves…..

18 Jan

Silver glitters with red curves.....

This manicure what I am posting today is very simple and pretty!!!! Yes its not dark very light and pleasant color. Its a polish called – 194 Silver Glitterati from Paris collection. Its a product of UAE.  It has glitters on it. This is picture of single coat.

Silver glitters with red curves.....

Here its little more glittery!!!! When I applied  2 coats.I like the messy look.

Silver glitters with red curves.....

I thought of drawing some red curves so that it will look little bright. And used red 3D stickers to give some effects.

Silver glitters with red curves.....

This is how My nails looked after I applied top coat on my nails. The cloth what you can see in the background is one of my tops which I thought of wearing when I have this Mani on my nails:):)
Silver glitters with red curves.....
Here is the dress which I wore with this Manicure.But polish color looks entirely different from the dress color (This top which I am wearing in the photo is called as Kurta). This dress inspired me to  do the design. Here are my favorite  pair  of  blue sandals which goes well with this dress.
Hope you liked it.. Keep smiling 🙂