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Henna design and Dessert Safari

24 Apr

In the land of desserts there is always something fun to do if you are free. Last month during my parents visit to UAE I took them around and showed them everything possible. Dessert safari is one of the must do things if you are visiting UAE. Dessert ride, night camp, camel riding, falcon holding,bike riding are fun and also belly dance and traditional Tanura dance are worth watching. Camp site has this fun things to do like trying out traditional Arab cloths and clicking photos and Henna design. I am a big Henna lover, even though I manage nail designs Henna design is something I am not good at. Here is the picture of Henna design from dessert safari camp, it took hardly 10 seconds for the lady to create this design on my hand. Henna Design

Home Remedy for Acne and Dark Spots

21 Apr

Hi all, I am going to share an easy home made face pack for beautiful skin. My mom shared this remedy when I had acne and dark spot problem. If you use this face pack for a week you can see the positive result.


  • Dry Grapesdry grapes





  • Honey    Honey




  • Rose water    Rose water






  • Milk Milk





  •  Lemon  Lemon Juice



*Images were taken from internet ( Source: Google)


Take 8-10 dry grapes and soak it in half spoon of milk, half spoon of honey and half spoon of rose water for five minutes. Add few drops of lemon juice accordingly  and prepare a thick paste by using mortar and pestle or any other grinding instrument.

Directions to use:

Wash and clean your face with cold water and towel dry it. Apply the face pack and let it dry for 15- 20 minutes and then wash off with clean cold water.


  1. You can adjust the thickness of the face pack by adjusting the amount of honey, milk, and rose water accordingly.
  2. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of this above mentioned ingredients
  3. You can use this face pack twice in a week. ( That’s how I use it )

Enjoy the smooth and beautiful skin. Share this remedy with others after you get your glowing skin 🙂


Red sandals

22 Jan

Red Sandals These are my brand new red leather sandals. My brother in law gifted me when we met last year for vacation. These are from Thailand so am not sure which brand they are from. He sent me a picture before he bought this so I had the chance to choose from Black, brown,cream and red. As I had all other colors I chose this red ones.

Red sandalsI never wore it till now so they look brand new 🙂

Snow white beauty

16 Jan

White sandalsThese snow white sandals are from ZARA. Even though I am bad at maintaining  white color dresses and sandals I wanted to buy this one. Never got the chance to wear it so far, as always I go for my comfortable black sandals. I am sure this  will go well with jeans and light or black tops.

White sandals

Multi Colored

7 Jan

Multi colored sandalsThese are multi colored sandals,my another gift for New Year. I really liked these cute and lovely sandals. It goes well with blue/ black jeans. Original price for this was somewhere around 99 AED and I bought it for 69 AED in ”Shoe Mart” new year sale.

Multi colored sandals


Brown beauty

2 Jan

IMG-20140101-WA0010Last day of 2013 I bumped into shoe sale in”Shoe Mart” and found this simple brown beauty. I always wanted something simple and comfortable to wear with black jeans. I am into closed sandals, when I am not in a mood for pedicure and toe nails are not painted its easy way to hide it 🙂 I wanted this right away and my husband bought these for me. Original price is  somewhere around 89 AED and I got it for 49 AED.

IMG_3051I just love those big buttons on it. I bought another sandal about which I will be posting soon.



Diwali Gift

21 Nov

Diwali GiftNovember fist week is Diwali week, usually we celebrate it for 4 days. Diwali is festival of lights, celebrated in India. Fist day fill water in big copper vessels make design on them and entire night heat the water in those big vessels by using traditional old way of heating things with wood. Next day early morning oil massage and nice hot water bath. Then in the night celebrate Diwali with crackers. Lot of gifts sweets and special lunch and dinner for 4 days. I remember celebrating Diwali in my childhood with cousins for more than a week, until stock of fire crackers was over. But nowadays its hard to celebrate Diwali when you are away from homeland. But still I try to follow the old tradition. This time I got this simple but beautiful gift from my husband. Red basket ( in which I decided to keep my pen drives and memory cards safe! at least now I don’t have to search for these things for hours  ) a cream color full sleeved top with skull and rose prints and 2 set of cute little scented colorful candles ( which I couldn’t use for Diwali because I can’t burn beautiful cute candles 🙂 )

Green Crackled nails..

19 Jan


These are green crackled nails, green nail polish and black crackled nail polish are used here to get this look. Alternative nails are painted by using black polish.

Floral nails..

22 Apr

Floral nails

This is floral manicure. Here I used ”Essence color & Go” polish and some flower stickers. Its simple and easy manicure 🙂