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Nebula nails

5 Jan

Nebula nails

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases.  When I thought of galaxy nails, idea of nebula nails seemed different and creative. First I polished my nails with black nail polish and with the help of make up sponge applied Dark blue, light blue and pinkish purple shade polish to give the cloudy effect. Finally a silver glitter polish is applied and the design is sealed with top coat. It is pretty and simple goes with Blue, black and any other dark color out fits.


                                                                                                Image of Nebula taken from Google 


Twinkle nails..

15 Jan

This time I wanted to do something more shiny and glittery. I had green glitter nail polish from Paris collection unused so thought of using that for this manicure.

Twinkle Nails

First I applied a white base color from Enchant and let it dry. Later applied green glitter nail polish from Paris collection. It was not thick it was only glitters mixed with top coat that is why it got spread all over my nails uniformly. I used star nail stickers to give it some extra glittery look 🙂

Twinkle Nails

Hope you liked this glittery nails. Its my first manicure with glitter nail polish.