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Grape nails..

29 Apr

Grape nails are pretty and looks delicious. I recently broke my thumb nail, so I had to paint sponge design on thumb nail because it was very short.

Grape nails

I used white polish from ”Enchant” as a base color, Grape red color from ”Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer” and green polish.

Grape nails

I am totally satisfied by the way it looked at the end. I will be happy to know your opinion too 🙂

Water melon nails..

24 Apr

Water melon nailsThis is summer special Water melon manicure. This season we can see water melon everywhere, its suitable fruit for summer. Tastes good and has plenty of water.

For this manicure I have used 3 colors. Red, green and black nail colors from ”Enchant”. Let me know how it is 🙂

Strawberry nails..

23 Apr

I wanted to paint something Delicious and fruity on my nails. This is Strawberry manicure.

Strawberry nails

I used 3 colors here, red for the fruit, green for the leaf part and yellow for the seeds. Top coat gives shiny look to it.

Strawberry nails

This is how it looks in closer view, I wanted to compare it with the real strawberries and take a photo 🙂

Floral nails..

22 Apr

Floral nails

This is floral manicure. Here I used ”Essence color & Go” polish and some flower stickers. Its simple and easy manicure 🙂


Pink and Black rose nails..

16 Apr

These are pink and black rose nails, looks trendy and cute.

Pink and black rose nails

I used neon pink and red for this manicure. Instead of applying directly I used sponge to give some extra effect.

Pink and black rose nails

Black rose is done using stamping method. This rose looks so pretty and I cant take my eyes off 🙂

Red leopard print..

9 Apr

This is red leopard printed manicure.

red leopard nails

Here is the picture of denim pants from which I got inspired to do this manicure.


I used red and black polish, its very simple and cute manicure. You can also try different colors like green, purple and blue.

red leopard nails

Mango dolly nails…

7 Apr

This is mango dolly manicure. Mango milk shake and mango dolly is my favorite.

This color is lovely and I like this manicure. Its suitable color for summer 🙂

Printed nails..

4 Apr

Here is printed or stamped manicure.

I am not an expert in using this stamping kit. I always end up with some half done designs. But this time I really liked the designs which were clean. Light and dark combination looks good on nails.

Lime time nails..

1 Apr

This is my favorite color combination. Lime green and dark green color. Here is my lime time manicure. I used ”VOV” nail polish.