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Smashed up rainbow nails..

10 Oct

Smashed up rainbow nailsThese are smashed up rainbow nails. I have used 4 different colors on white background, Red yellow, leaf green and blue are the 4 colors used here. First apply white color and let it dry, then with the help of sponge make this colored design on it and apply a top coat. It is simple and easy manicure. Let me know what you think about it 🙂

Rainbow nails…

6 Feb

Rainbow nails...

This is quite old ”rainbow” manicure. This is suitable for short nails. Very simple but creative. I used 4 colors here- Blue, yellow, red and green for rainbow and white for clouds. It looks as if rainbow is emerging  from clouds. Then applied a top coat,rainbow is ready.

Rainbow nails...

Here is a close view  of my rainbow nails. I loved it. Its so cute. Hope you liked my manicure 🙂