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Flowers and Polka Dot Nails

26 Aug

Flowers and polka dots are always in fashion, the trend never gets old. I found a perfect summer design to go with your polka doted or floral printed dress. I used blue color as background you can choose the background color according your dress.

Flowers and polka dot nails

First paint your nails with blue or any color of your choice, let it dry. Now take a dotting tool or tooth pick and create polka dot deigns on nails except the second and the ring finger. Now on those two finger draw flowers using white polish and add a yellow dot in the middle of the flower. Seal in your design with top coat and your flowers and polka doted nails are ready.

Orange Peppermint nails..

24 May

Orange Peppermint nails

This manicure reminds me of orange peppermints I used to like when I was child. I am in love with this orange color, and the combination of orange and white is always great.

Orange Peppermint nails

I used orange and white polishes from ”Enchant” and dotting tools to draw polka dots. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂