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Color tinted glass nails..

8 Nov

Tinted glass color nailsTinted color glass nails are very cute and simple. First I applied white nail polish as base color, then with the help of tooth pick I made irregular square like designs. Once the design is dried I used neon pink,  dark green, neon green and neon orange nail polishes to fill in this blocks randomly. Nail design is ready after applying a top coat after drying.


Neon nails..

20 Jun

Neon nails..

These are neon nails, here I used different neon colors with black and white polish. Pink, green and orange are the colors you can see in the picture. It is very easy and simple manicure. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Neon green with flowers and dots!!!

23 Jan

Neon green with flowers and dots

I was thinking of something in neon color. I have pink, green and orange neon colors. I picked green color as its been a long time that I used green color. Colors I used are-  Green color VOV nail polish and red color polish from Enchant. Its simple design includes flowers and dots.

Neon green with flowers and dots

Neon green with flowers and dots

My parrot green color jelly bangle:) I like these bangles a lot. They go well with whatever you wear!!!! I will post about my jelly bangles soon.. Hope you liked it.

Happy polishing and c ya:):)