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Dragonfly nails

20 Apr

Dragonfly nails

These are Dragonfly nails, easy to create with a simple nail art brush. First I applied Blue shimmer polish and with the help of nail art brush I created black lines for body and white lines for wings and applied top coat. Simple and easy dragonfly design is ready.

Teddy and heart nails..

15 Feb

Teddy and heart nails I wore this design for valentines day, teddy and heart nails. First I painted my nails with shiny pink polish and let it dry. Using dark pink polish I created small hearts on every nails and for more valentines day look used 3 fimo cane teddy bear design. If you don’t have that you can just draw  teddy’s face  by using dark brown, white and black polish with the help of dotting tool.

Protect your nails naturally

10 Feb

Nail polish chemicals can cause dullness and breakage of your nails. Its always good to take care of your nails whenever it is possible. Once in a while take off the polish and let your nails breath. There are some easy ways to protect your nails naturally and bring the health back into your nails.

  • Take off the polish with the help of nail polish remover then nicely wash it with running water
  • Use Clean, conditioner and shine nail files to get the clean nails

nail files

  • Take warm water in a bowl and add a pinch of salt and turmeric into it and dip your nails. ( Turmeric and salt has its own benefits in Ayurveda)



  • Don’t paint your nails for a day

Note: Don’t use too much turmeric, it may turn your nails yellow.

* Images are taken from Google

Cats in ♥ nails..

24 Nov

Cats in love nailsThese are Cats in Love nails.. ♥ Very easy to create. First paint the tips by using pink nail polish then take a dotting tool to  create cat design by starting with 2 dots and extend the tail and ears accordingly. Draw a black and a white cat in middle finger. And for rest of the fingers you can draw alternative black and white paws. Seal the design with top coat. I found this design few days back while I was browsing through some site, which I don’t remember now. I loved it and thought of recreating it.

Love plant nails..

17 Nov

Love plant nailsThis week’s nail design is ”Love Plant Nails”. As you can see in the picture, I messed up a bit while drawing hearts. As the red  nail polish was little thick, it got sticky. But it is a cute design for dates and valentine day 🙂 Here I used white as base color and red for hearts, light and dark green for leaves and brown for stem. Everything is drawn by the help of a toothpick. Apart from the sticky hearts its a good design.

Dotted gradient nails

7 Nov

Dotted gradient nailsThese are Dotted gradient nails. I used white as base color and  pinkish orange nail polish to create the gradient look. By the help of sponge I applied the second color and made black dots by using black nail polish and dotting tool. It is very simple and easy deign. Different colors can be used instead of pinkish orange.

Dotted gradient nails

Colored crackle nails..

2 Aug

Colored crackle nailsThese are colored crackle nails, easy and pretty. First I used white polish as base, then applied 3 different colors with the help of sponge. After letting it dry applied black color crackle nail polish. You can choose the different colors and designs too. I broke a nail so I had to cut all remaining nails to match the broken nail. So now again I have short nails. Please let me know what you think about my manicure 🙂

Neon pink with black and white nails

18 Jun

This is very simple manicure, here there is no proper design so you can draw whatever you want.

Neon pink with black and white nails

I couldn’t come up with a proper name for this manicure. So finally thought of calling it Neon pink with black and white nails. I used three colors here. Neon pink, white and black. No nail art brush used here. These are random lines with no proper design.

Neon pink with black and white nails

 It doesn’t look that good in photos. You can try with different neon colors. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Maroon Studded nails..

1 Jun

Maroon studded nails

These are Maroon studded nails. Rhinestones in shiny maroon background. I used Maroon from ”Enchant” and white rhinestones. I always find difficulty  to use this rhinestones, they are so delicate to handle.

Maroon studded nails

This maroon is my favorite because its shiny and glossy. Let me know what you think about this manicure.

Black and White shattered nails..

20 Feb

This is similar to crackle nails, but by using normal nail polishes. First I applied 2 coats of  black color polish from “Enchant” and let it dry. Later applied white color from the same brand. Before it dried I took a cotton earbud and made the design.

This is how it looks from close. This manicure will go well with white or black dress. Some what messed up and dont care kinda look. Hope you liked it 🙂