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Watermelon Nails

6 Aug

Watermelons are my favorite food for summer. As the heat is increasing in UAE the best thing to do is eat watermelons. So thought of doing this nail art with melon designs to suit the mood and weather.

Watermelon nails

First paint your nails with dark green color, except your middle finger where you have to paint the red or pinkish read color. On the red nail with the help of tooth pick draw black seeds. By using a thin brush draw curvy lines with light green or olive green color  on the dark green nails and add white dots here and there now slowly sponge them by using a makeup sponge to give the look of watermelon skin. Now let it dry and apply a top coat. Your watermelon design is ready.

Dragonfly nails

20 Apr

Dragonfly nails

These are Dragonfly nails, easy to create with a simple nail art brush. First I applied Blue shimmer polish and with the help of nail art brush I created black lines for body and white lines for wings and applied top coat. Simple and easy dragonfly design is ready.

Spring flower nails

19 Apr

Spring flower nails

This nail design is for spring lovers, suitable for green and flowery season. Very easy and creative design. First paint your nails with base polish or clear polish then take a nail brush dipped in grass green polish and tap it nicely on nail tips to create a green tip. Then stick flower stickers and butterfly stickers (I used fimo cane butter fly design here) to give a nice garden look. You can use colorful flowers to give a better look or use polish and draw colorful flowers. Seal your design with top coat and your spring design is ready.

Carrot nails..

8 Jul

These  are Carrot nails, simple and easy manicure. I used 3 colors here, white, orange and green. thin brush or tooth pick can be used to draw the designs.

Carrot nails

Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Jungle Book inspired Sharekhan nails..

16 Jun

Sharekhan nails, Jungle book inspired

This is my Jungle book inspired Sharekhan manicure. I love Jungle book Mowgli series and I am big fan of both book and Mowgli. Sharekhan is villain, a bad guy who tries to kill Mowgli. I love all characters so Sharekhan being bad won’t stop me from liking him!

I used orange polish from ”Enchant” and used brown nail art polish to draw lines. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Orange Peppermint nails..

24 May

Orange Peppermint nails

This manicure reminds me of orange peppermints I used to like when I was child. I am in love with this orange color, and the combination of orange and white is always great.

Orange Peppermint nails

I used orange and white polishes from ”Enchant” and dotting tools to draw polka dots. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Icy Blue nails..

22 May

Recently I bought sky blue shiny sparkle polish from ”Enchant”. As this shade is very light,it can be only used on other polishes. These are Icy blue manicure by using sky blue sparkles.

Icy blue nails

It has snowy look, I used white polish as base color then applied blue sparkle nail polish by using sponge, so that it will spread evenly. For decoration I used a sky blue star sticker on one finger.

Icy blue nails

Let me know your opinion about my Icy blue nails 🙂