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Love nails..

21 Sep

Love nailsThese are red heart manicure, very simple, but shiny. I have used white color in the background, and red glitter polish on that to give glittery look and red heart stickers. These nails are suitable for party nights with lovely red dresses šŸ™‚ Let me Ā know what you think about this love nails.


Valentineā€™s day Challenge Day 5 # Love nails…

14 Feb

Love nails

Happy Valentine’s day to all. Its finally day 5 and here is my nail art challenge for valentine’s day ends. Successfully completed the first nail art challenge. My manicure for the day is Love nails.

Love nails

Here i used two different colors, both light colors. Pink and light lavender color. And used black to write letters on that. Pink: VOV nail polish and Lavender : Natty nail enamel, each 2 coats, few red colored heart shaped 3D stickers and my Love nails are ready. My husband liked it very much:):):)Ā I just love the way it looks. I kept staring at my nails asĀ usual:)
Hope you like it and will try it. Again Happy Valentine’s day šŸ™‚

Valentineā€™s day Challenge Day 4 # Valentine’s Day Nails

13 Feb

Valentine's Day Nails

Here is my Valentines day nails for the day 4 of Valentines day nail art challenge. Ā I know its bit late but my internet was givingĀ littleĀ trouble IĀ couldn’tĀ upload the photo. I used cream color nail polish from “ParisĀ collection”and red color Ā from Enchant” is used to draw heart.

Valentine's Day Nails

I used Ā red Rhinestones to give some extra effect. Hope you liked this manicure šŸ™‚

Valentineā€™s day Challenge Day 2 # Yellow Heart Nails

11 Feb

Yellow Heart Nails

Day2 Nail Art challenge for Valentine’s day : Yellow Heart Nails. This color is kind off odd to choose for this occasion. But Ā I liked the shiny effect on nails & how it looks against red hearts.

Yellow Heart Nails

Two coats of “bk nail polish” yellow, Red heart stickers & top coatĀ are used here. This is the close view of my Yellow heart nails. Hope you liked it. Let me know how is it..?