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Dotted gradient nails

7 Nov

Dotted gradient nailsThese are Dotted gradient nails. I used white as base color and  pinkish orange nail polish to create the gradient look. By the help of sponge I applied the second color and made black dots by using black nail polish and dotting tool. It is very simple and easy deign. Different colors can be used instead of pinkish orange.

Dotted gradient nails


Orange Peppermint nails..

24 May

Orange Peppermint nails

This manicure reminds me of orange peppermints I used to like when I was child. I am in love with this orange color, and the combination of orange and white is always great.

Orange Peppermint nails

I used orange and white polishes from ”Enchant” and dotting tools to draw polka dots. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

Colorblind nails..

14 May

Color blind nails

These are color blind nails, I named it color blind because it reminds me of color blind tests. I used many colors here to design dots on white color base.

Color blind nails

I didn’t know what to do with my short nails, so I thought of dots. This is closer view of  the manicure. Let me know what you think about this manicure.

Polka Dotted nails

12 Mar

This is simple polka dotted manicure.  My nails need to be shaped very badly! I keep changing their shape but the problem is with nails getting cut and everything looks so uneven.

I have used 2 colors, black and sky blue from VOV nail polish. I like the color contrast effect.

White dotted nails..

26 Feb

Here is my white dotted manicure. I have used here three colors. Maroon  and white colors from “Enchant”, yellow from “Essence color and go” .

My nails are always unequal because I keep cutting them while chopping vegetables. So I don’t bother about uniformity  in their size. Hope you liked it 🙂