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Diwali Gift

21 Nov

Diwali GiftNovember fist week is Diwali week, usually we celebrate it for 4 days. Diwali is festival of lights, celebrated in India. Fist day fill water in big copper vessels make design on them and entire night heat the water in those big vessels by using traditional old way of heating things with wood. Next day early morning oil massage and nice hot water bath. Then in the night celebrate Diwali with crackers. Lot of gifts sweets and special lunch and dinner for 4 days. I remember celebrating Diwali in my childhood with cousins for more than a week, until stock of fire crackers was over. But nowadays its hard to celebrate Diwali when you are away from homeland. But still I try to follow the old tradition. This time I got this simple but beautiful gift from my husband. Red basket ( in which I decided to keep my pen drives and memory cards safe! at least now I don’t have to search for these things for hours  ) a cream color full sleeved top with skull and rose prints and 2 set of cute little scented colorful candles ( which I couldn’t use for Diwali because I can’t burn beautiful cute candles 🙂 )