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Green Crackled nails..

19 Jan


These are green crackled nails, green nail polish and black crackled nail polish are used here to get this look. Alternative nails are painted by using black polish.


Colored crackle nails..

2 Aug

Colored crackle nailsThese are colored crackle nails, easy and pretty. First I used white polish as base, then applied 3 different colors with the help of sponge. After letting it dry applied black color crackle nail polish. You can choose the different colors and designs too. I broke a nail so I had to cut all remaining nails to match the broken nail. So now again I have short nails. Please let me know what you think about my manicure 🙂

Crackle nails..

2 Mar

Crackle Nails...

After a long time again I am using crackle nail polish. Crackle nail polish can be used against any color that’s the beauty of these types. For this manicure I used a base color from “Essence color and go” and brown color crackle nail polish. This two colors looks good together.

This is a closer view, colors are not differentiated in this photo due to light.

I painted my friends nail with similar design but here white base color and black crackle nail polish is used. She is posing the nail against a glass of  “cold Salt Lassi”, that’s my favorite : )