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Christmas Tree Nails

22 Dec

Christmas tree nails Holiday season is already started and everyone is busy with their family, shopping for gifts and planning for something to do together. For this Christmas I came up with this Christmas tee nails. I am sure everyone wants to do something or the other to show their holiday spirit. For those who are looking for something different on their nails, this is suitable. First I painted my nails with cream color polish, then drew a triangle on the  middle finger with Green polish to make it look like a Christmas tree. Then I added little silver glitters and red dots on the triangle and  pasted a star on triangle.  For other nails I used green glittery transparent polish.  It is up to you, if you want to paint all your nails with tree you can also do that.


Santa Hat nails

13 Dec

Santa Hat NailsThese are Santa Hat nails, suitable for Holiday season. Here I have used only 2 colors for this design. First make a triangle by using red polish ( I have used cello tape to cover my nails to get a perfect triangle ) then take dotting tool and add a big dot on top of the triangle and decorate the base with small white dots. Make sure that your nails are round shaped before you start this nail art. Is aw this tutorial in You Tube by Cute polish. Its pretty and adorable design, very easy to recreate.


Neon nails..

20 Jun

Neon nails..

These are neon nails, here I used different neon colors with black and white polish. Pink, green and orange are the colors you can see in the picture. It is very easy and simple manicure. Let me know what you think about this manicure 🙂

X mas tree nails!

24 Feb

I know its odd to do a Christmas nail art now! Its an old photo I got it from my nail collections and this is what I wore on Christmas day eve last year 🙂

This is not fancy, or heavy designed but simple. I used red, white nail polish from “Enchant” as base color and used green color to draw tree from same polish brand. Used golden and maroon colors to draw lighting and a star nail sticker on the top of the tree.

x mas tree nails

Lighting nails….

26 Jan

First I applied a light sky blue color from ”Essence color & go”. Then using a brush  I made lines then with the help of dotting tools, bulbs.

Lighting nails....

My nails are small that is why I made only 2-3 bulbs per nail. If you want more bulbs you can draw more.

Hope you liked 🙂 Keep polishing and keep smiling…. 🙂

Red and green nails…

25 Jan

This manicure is very simple. I used 3 colors for this. First applied red color from “Enchant” and green from Natty nail polish alternatively. Then using dotting tools  created flower pattern.

Red and green nails...

This looks very simple and attractive. I liked the color combination of red and green. Red and green nails...

This is how it looked after drying. Hope you liked this manicure. Please feel free to comment. 🙂