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Butterfly nails..

23 Sep

Butterfly nailsThese are butterfly nails, sweet and adorable. I have used new blue  polish  from Paris Collection called- Midnight Waves, and fimo canes butterflies. Those are ready cut and available butterfly designs I just attached them on the nails with the help of sticky gum and a top coat.  If you are good at designs you can just draw butterflies with the aid of thin brushes. This red and blue combination is my favorite.

Butterfly nailsLet me know what you think about this manicure 🙂


Icy Blue nails..

22 May

Recently I bought sky blue shiny sparkle polish from ”Enchant”. As this shade is very light,it can be only used on other polishes. These are Icy blue manicure by using sky blue sparkles.

Icy blue nails

It has snowy look, I used white polish as base color then applied blue sparkle nail polish by using sponge, so that it will spread evenly. For decoration I used a sky blue star sticker on one finger.

Icy blue nails

Let me know your opinion about my Icy blue nails 🙂

Multi color nails..

5 Mar

Multi color nails

Pink from “B.O nail lacquer”, yellow from “Essence color & go” and blue from “VOV nail lacquer”  are used for Multi color nails. These colors look good together.

Multi color nails

This is how my manicure looks ( here I try to give a different pose with soap bubbles 🙂 ) Let me know how it looks.

Naughty Blue Nails….

19 Jan

Naughty Blue Nails....

Here is my another simple manicure. Blue is my favorite color. Wherever I go my eye falls on only pretty blue things!!

Naughty Blue Nails....

Nail polish I used here is Naughty Blue from Paris collection  its a brand of UAE.  Single coat will not be thick so I applied 2 coats.

Naughty Blue Nails....

Closer view of my nails. I didn’t use any top coat, still the nails have gelly  look on them. Hope you liked my post. Please feel free to comment or suggest. C ya…