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Flowery nails..

6 Mar

Flowery nails

This is flower stamped “Flowery nails”. Orange color from “bk nail polish” is used as vase color. Black color from “Enchant” is used for stamping. I never did stamping  before, this is first time 🙂

Nail stamp

My new stamping kit 🙂 I am not that good at using it.

Flowery nails

This is how it looks. Hope you liked it, let me know what you think.

Valentine’s day Challenge Day 2 # Yellow Heart Nails

11 Feb

Yellow Heart Nails

Day2 Nail Art challenge for Valentine’s day : Yellow Heart Nails. This color is kind off odd to choose for this occasion. But  I liked the shiny effect on nails & how it looks against red hearts.

Yellow Heart Nails

Two coats of “bk nail polish” yellow, Red heart stickers & top coat are used here. This is the close view of my Yellow heart nails. Hope you liked it. Let me know how is it..?