First attempt of water marbling and Aloe vera plant..

4 Feb

Here is my first attempt of water marbling. I have been seeing this technique used everywhere in blogs and watched few videos too. Got inspired and thought of trying it.  Here I used 2 colors for this Mani. A white color is used first as coat. Then White color polish from a brand called as Enchant and NLW-12 Parade from brand Wonder Gloss is used to make water marble design. Wonder Gloss is made in France. Its very smooth and soft nail polish gives a glossy look on nails.

Here is the close look of my nail:):) I am happy for the results. I couldn’t do it on all nails because I kept failing  to get the design. I lack patience so left the idea. Finally ended up painting remaining fingers with the same glossy colors.

Finally here is my mixed manicure:) Used 3D nail stickers on plain polish to improve the look. Hoping to try water marble designs with more colors next time 🙂

I thought of showing a picture of my Aloe vera plant I bought few days back. I am using this leaves as home remedy for acne and dark spots on face. The gel from this plant can be used on hair too as conditioner. It gives nice skin and hair naturally with out any side effects:) This plant can adjust with UAE’s environmental conditions and temperature.
Hope you all liked this manicure but please don’t laugh at unfinished design:)

C ya…

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